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CREATIVE SYNERGY is an I.T., Web Design & Corporate Branding solutions company based out of Jaipur, Bangalore & New Delhi (INDIA). We have over 10-years of industry-experience and a professional team of I.T. and Internet experts who create websites/designs that surpass coding and design standards, to deliver nothing less than the very best.

We are Internet experts who create sites that are modern, attractive and tailor made for your targeted market. We offer you adaptive web design service that is fast, professional, cost effective and convenient. We understand that not every customer has the same needs, budgets and time schedule, therefore we always tailor our services for every customer based on their requirements.

We will work hard to help you understand the way people use the web and how your customers respond and interact online. We will give you honest and accurate information in a simple and non-technical way. We will always take the time to explain. We will focus our enthusiasm on developments within our industry that will benefit your business, actively hunting out innovations and making them accessible to you. We will be attentive and responsive at all times.

We will treat you like the valued partners that you are, because your success is our success.

Our People.
The team at Creative Synergy are highly-skilled, highly trained professionals. We make ourselves as accessible and available to our clients as possible. Although we meet the highest business standards, we maintain an active and positive relationship with our clients at all times.

Everyone at Creative Synergy is seriously enthusiastic about our work. We like to explain things, make things easier for our clients and like nothing more than delivering real, agreed, tangible results. We are always thinking ahead and enjoy the challenge.

Our code of conduct (the 6 principles of our company).

As we mentioned at the top of this page, there are some companies within our industry that don’t run their companies in a very nice way and to make sure that we don’t end up like this, we have some simple rules that we follow in order to avoid accidentally turning to the dark side.

  • Make excellent client relationships the priority at all times
  • Promise only what we can deliver and deliver what we promise
  • Treat clients large and small with the same respect and importance
  • Accept only projects that we can complete to the best of our abilities
  • Always exceed the expectations of the client
  • Have fun and enjoy our work
Hopefully this all gives you a bit more of a feel for our company and what we are about. If you would like any more information or you are thinking Yes, I want to work with these people, please feel free to get in 'touch' !
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