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Content Management System (CMS)

"We help you make your website Content Management fully automated."

Advantages of Switching to CMS @ CREATIVE SYNERGY
There are numerous advantages to be capitalised on when switching over to a Content Management System, these include:
  • Open source community support
  • Decentralised Maintenance
  • Easy to Update
  • Dynamic Navigation Management
  • Dynamic Content Serving
  • Content Scheduling
  • Built-in Components
  • SEO Friendly
In the present day it is rare to find an organisation that doesn't need to manage some form of digital content. Previously such work always had to be completed by a web developer, but the birth of the Content Management System (CMS) has changed the landscape of content management. Now anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can upload information and general digital content to their web facility. Content Management Systems acknowledge the need for teamwork within an organisation and put the right tools in the hands of the right people.

Instant Content in a Demanding World
We live in a demanding world where putting off what you can do today until tomorrow can lose you money. Waiting to upload urgent information to your website because the programmer is away on holiday is very frustrating and unnecessary. Enter the life saving concept of CMS. CMS allows responsibility for publishing information to be given to those who need it most. For example; Human Resources can post job vacancies as they arise, press releases can be published by Corporate Communications immediately and business materials can be uploaded by management on demand. With CMS you can operate in real-time and your website will always be relevant and up to date.

Stay Current Look Professional
CMS keeps your organisation current. It looks very unprofessional to both your clients and customers to have a website containing out of date information. Who wants to deal with a company whose website is a month behind the times? Not only does this represent unprofessionalism, it appears lazy and unpunctual. CMS allows you to connect with your clients and customers on demand.

CMS Tailored to Your Business
Whether you are a web marketer, media agency or a financial services company, almost everyone has the requirement for a good quality CMS. There are numerous content management solutions available on the market and it is tough to decide which one will suit your business model. But do not worry, that is what we are here for... tell us exactly what you require and we will find the best solution.

Creative Synergy offers affordable and effective content management solutions to numerous media agencies, job agencies, web entrepreneurs and global enterprises. We have solid expertise in Content Management systems such as Joomla, Mambo and Wordpress. Our developers have vast experience in Joomla based CMS integration whilst maintaining a high level of SEO practice.

Custom CMS Training
We completely understand that new systems require training for your members of staff. Therefore we provide reference material, online training manuals and email support to get you started and familiar with CMS. For an additional fee, if your location is within our operation area we will send a representative out to conduct onsite training with you and your team.

Existing CMS Implementation Services
If you are looking for custom CMS implementation services please email us your requirements using our contact form. Our representative will analyse your requirements and provide an appropriate solution to meet your needs. Do not get left behind, stay current and constantly connected to your customers and clients with a Content Management System.

Contact Creative Synergy today and start saving valuable man-hours and making more profit.

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